Time​:​Rise (Single) Feat. T​-​Era

by Ballistic

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Time Rise (Raise Up)
Tera Track


No One Thought We Would Come
We Coming
Some Said, We Can't Walk
We Running
We Starving Out Here
We Hungry
We Do This For The Prize
We Don't Do This For The Money
North Side, East Side
Raise Up
West Side, South Side
Raise Up
And All The Realist Where Ya At
Raise Up
Everyone, Worldwide
Its Time Rise

Verse 1

And I'm a Roll With Mine, That's Everywhere We Go
Aim Is The Finish, This is The Realist, That I Ever Wrote
Can't Idolize The Climb, Or Fall In Love With Fame
Visions Of My Past, Constantly Remind Me Of The Pain
So I Filled My Mind, With Attributes, That Only Move....
Ever Since Birth, I Kicked Dirt, So Many Deaths, From The Womb
So, Here, We, Come, I Guess Some, Thought, We, Wouldn't Tho
This Is a Take Over, Aimed At Souls, Around The Globe
So I'm A, Stay On, Contact,(Pause) Cause I'm On Track, Never Doubt That
Its Time To Rise, from The Combat, Gotta Rejuvenate for The Comeback
Use To Feel That The World Was All That, Till I Couldn't Find My Own Place Mat
Then One Day, I Had To Sit and Face Facts, Didn't Want To Go Back & Relapse
(Relax)3x, Them were My Former Ways
The Past is In The Past, Letting Go Of Former Days
Hungry For More Than Money, And Starving For That Real Love
Northside, Eastside, Westside, Southside, Raise Up

Verse 2

On The Blocks, Where They Still Cook Dope, Gotta Bring That Life, That Hope
Raise Up, From The Chaos, No Rope,(Pause) Dare To Live, Beyond Your Scope
I Don't Care What The Others Say, We All Need To Breakaway
Break Away From The Former Days, Live Life In A Major Way
The Problem is, The Life We Live, Is Getting Old......
We Would Take Anything In Exchange For Our Soul...
I've Seen So Many Take Travel Down This Road...
Only To Find That Their Life, Is, Out Of Control
But It Won't Be Me, And It Won't Be You, Many Like Glass, They All See Through
We Starving Out Here, So I Suggest We Do Something Than What We Normally Do
Peep, The Game, Gotta Stay Focused, No Neutral Zone, We, Keep On Holding
Feel The Same, Raise Up' s The Notice, In My Mode, We Keep On Rolling
Some Say My Talk Is Foolish, Its Alright Im Cooling
I Rather Be Real, Then Die Fake, Who You Fooling
My People Living Lives In A Time Will Recognize
We Have Been Asleep for Too Long, Its Time To Rise


released April 23, 2013



all rights reserved


DeathByDesign Tampa, Florida

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